Design Assist

It has always been our philosophy that a team approach between Contractor, Design Team and Owner is essential for any successful project. In fact, the active participation of all stakeholders allows to seek optimal, innovative, and sustainable solution, in relation not just to successful project turnover but also to the life cycle of the building.


We strongly believe, a truly integrated design process helps us to improve collaboration and communication amongst all stakeholders; improve the efficiency during the construction phase; and improve the overall quality of the project.

Based on our experience in the design-assist delivery method,  below are some of the steps we have felt made an impact on the success of the project:


  • Defining, in advance,  the project objectives
  • Organizing design charrettes – these workshops offer the opportunity for us to contribute our value to the design team while working towards a common goal.
  • Utilizing BIM, Bluebeam, or other collaboration tools to support and strengthen the project integration.

Design Build

One entity, one contract, one unified flow of work from initial concept through completion


As your Design Build Contractor, Honolulu Builders will work very closely with our Designer and Consultants from the beginning, as a team, providing unified project recommendations to fit the Client’s schedule and budget. Our clients have enjoyed success with the design build delivery method and the keys were transparency, open and honest communication, and accountability of all parties.


Our approach will be to earn the trust and confidence as your partner. We earn that by managing the design process, estimates, constructability reviews, schedules, budget, procurement, and execution of your project with that end goal in mind.

Teamwork is at the core of a successful design build project. Our design build engagement plan is illustrated in the table below.


Collaborate with the Contractor and the Design team to guide and ensure that your Program needs are met.

Make timely decisions.

Provide continuous feedback.

Attend design meetings and OAC meetings.


Collaborate with the Contractor and key subcontractors to create a design that meets and exceeds the program requirements.

Support constructability reviews.

Evaluate, with an open mind, alternatives suggested by all parties.

Maintain the design schedule.

Attend design meetings and OAC meetings.


Collaborate with the Owner, Designer, and key subcontractors to create a design that meets and exceeds the program requirements.

Create and maintain a current model.

Perform constructability reviews.

Develop accurate estimates at all design milestones.

Recommend early release of long lead procurement items.

Monitor closely all schedule and cost impacts and provide solutions to minimize the impacts.

Conduct the OAC meetings and Design meetings.


Early engagement with the Contractor to support with current material/labor pricing and lead times.

Support BIM Coordination activities.

Early development of shop drawings, especially for long lead items

Adhere to schedule

Have conversations about manpower and resources with the Contractor.

Tenant Improvements

Tenant improvement construction, that is, the improvement of office, commercial, retail or industrial spaces is a specialty discipline in the construction industry not suited to all builders. Tenant improvement construction requires a contractor capable of providing the attention necessary for the project. The assembly of a team of specialty contractors in partnership with our management and self-perform teams ensures smooth job progress in concert with the owner, property management, and all others involved in the process. Our self-perform team takes pride in their work by paying attention to every last detail to produce quality construction.

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