We offer integration of the design discipline with construction to provide a finished product that satisfies the owner’s program requirements. This approach is both a science and an art, offering one of the most cost efficient project delivery. We select from proven design professionals to join with us in a team approach to deliver a complete project in a compressed schedule at a predetermined budget. This method delivers savings in cost and time, and establishes a team approach at the onset with the advantage of minimizing possible owner-designer-builder conflicts. Honolulu Builders, LLC excels at this delivery approach offering the experience of numerous past projects employing this proven methodology.

Tenant Improvements

Tenant improvement construction, that is, the improvement of office, commercial, retail or industrial spaces is a specialty discipline in the construction industry not suited to all builders. Tenant improvement construction requires a contractor capable of providing the attention necessary for the project. The assembly of a team of specialty contractors in partnership with Honolulu Builders, LLC management and in house crews insures smooth job progress in concert with the owner, property management, and all others involved in the process. Honolulu Builders, LLC crews take pride in their work by paying attention to every last detail to produce quality construction. Past projects include quality name brand showrooms at resorts and regional shopping centers to corporate headquarters in high rise towers in downtown Honolulu.

Building Renovations

Honolulu Builders, LLC uses its extensive experience to examine buildings and propose solutions to the owner’s team for review and decision. Building surveys, consider existing conditions, possible problems, current codes, regulations, etc. resulting in professional appraisal and developed problem solving solutions. Projects vary in size and scope, how­ever, Honolulu Builders, LLC’s service and commitment remains consistent.